Support Staff

Tianna Hawkins
Tianna Hawkins Operations Executive Assistant
Jennifer Matas
Jennifer Matas Executive Assistant
Jennifer Hobbs
Jennifer Hobbs Human Resources Director
Jacqueline Darrah
Jacqueline Darrah Administrative Assistant
Irvintz Fulcher
Irvintz Fulcher IT Director
Devin Craig
Devin Craig Captain of Training
Andrew Orozco
Andrew Orozco Lieutenant of Safety & Training
Shawn Buehring
Shawn Buehring Fire Inspector
Shawn Cullar
Shawn Cullar Fire Inspector
Chris Keith
Chris Keith Inspector
Thomas Varady
Thomas Varady Community Risk Reduction Officer
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Fleet Maintenance Director
Trey Harvey
Trey Harvey Fleet Maintenance
Keven Sousa
Keven Sousa Facility Maintenance
Felix Smith
Felix Smith Support Services Director
Natalie Landvogt
Natalie Landvogt Support Services
Pastor Dr. Galen Cooper
Pastor Dr. Galen Cooper Chaplain