Fire Codes and Drills

This page highlights Montgomery County’s fire codes and fire drill requirements.

Montgomery County Adopted Fire Code 2018

A full copy of the Montgomery County Fire Code 2018 is available by clicking the link here.

Fire Codes and School Fire Drills

Montgomery County has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code, which closely mirrors the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes. The NFPA Code can be found here.

Fire Drill Specifics

Below is additional information on fire drill requirements from the 2018 International Fire Code.

  • 405.1 GENERAL: Emergency evacuation drills complying with Sections 405.2 through 405.9 shall be conducted not less than annually where fire safety and evacuation plans are required by Section 403 or where required by the fire code official. Drills shall be designed in cooperation with the local authorities
  • 405.2 FREQUENCY: Required emergency evacuation drills shall be held at the intervals specified in Table 405.2 or more frequently where necessary to familiarize all occupants with the drill procedure.
  • Table 405.2 Fire and Evacuation Drill Frequency and Participation can be found here
  • 405.4 TIME: Drills shall be held at unexpected times and under varying conditions to stimulate the unusual conditions that occur in case of fire..
  • 405.8 ACCOUNTABILITY. As building occupants arrive at the assembly point, efforts shall be made to determine if all occupants have been successfully evacuated or have been accounted for..

The NFPA codes the state has adopted has specific fire drill requirements. A summary of these requirements is available by clicking the link below.

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