Permits and Inspections

Montgomery County Emergency Services District #8 has approximately 2,800 businesses in its jurisdiction, and the Fire Inspector works with business owners and tenants to ensure these businesses are (and stay) up to code. Montgomery County adopted and enforces the 2018 International Fire Code under the authority of the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Trusted Companies to Help Businesses Meet Code

A list of trusted, professional companies that can help businesses ensure they’re up to code before an inspection (such as fire lane striping, sprinkler, and fire alarm companies) is available by clicking here.

You may also view the South Montgomery County Fire Department fee schedule, all inspection forms, and other informational materials on the Resource page.

Contacting the Inspections Division

You can reach the Inspections Division at

The Permit Application Process

  1. An architect or applicant emails their Fire Protection Permit application, plans, and all supporting documentation to or submits them via a CD or USB drive to the Inspections Division located in our Administrative Offices at 27900 Robinson Road, Conroe, TX 77385.
  2. At the time of submission, the applicant also submits the appropriate payment (as noted on the application) to MCESD #8.
    Note: We accept cash, check, money order, and credit cards. To pay via credit card, please use this Credit Card Authorization Form.
  3. After the permit application is submitted, a plans reviewer will review the plans, typically within seven to 10 business days.
    Note: Under Local Government Code 233, Montgomery County must review the plans and approve them or reject them within 30 days.
  4. After the review is completed, the architect or applicant will receive an email notification that their plans have been approved or rejected.
  5. Once all work has been completed, every permit pulled must complete a final inspection. Schedule the final inspection by calling the Inspection Division at 281-363-3473 or via email at

Commercial occupancies that begin construction before receiving the proper permitting will incur an additional fee equal to the original fee. Both fees are payable directly to the MCESD #8.

The Inspection Division performs life safety inspections yearly for numerous types of occupancies, including daycares, foster homes, assisted living facilities, massage establishments, and schools.

To request a life safety inspection:

  1. Print and complete the Life Safety Inspection Application.
  2. Submit the application by mail or in person (27900 Robinson Road, 77385) or by email
  3. Submit the appropriate payment (as noted on the application) to MCESD #8 alongside the application. Note: We accept cash, check, money order, and credit cards. To pay via credit card, please use the Credit Card Authorization Form.
  4. If you have any questions regarding an inspection, please call the Inspection Department at 281-363-3473.

City of Oak Ridge North Texas Permits

Permitting information for the City of Oak Ridge North Texas is available here.


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